Expert Reports

We provide expert services for legal action by private individuals, and are routinely instructed by solicitors in cases funded by the Legal Services Commission or Insurers. Our Experts are skilled in preparing reports in accordance with the requirements of Civil Procedure Rules Practice Direction Part 35, and the Protocol for Instructions of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims; and Criminal Procedure Rules, Part 33 relating to the duty of an Expert in criminal cases. Our personnel are particularly cognisant with the overriding duty of all Experts to the Court.

Local Authorities, TMO’s and Registered Social Landlords

We provide interim personnel for project work and retainers for specialist services such as: HHSRS inspections, Anti-Social Behaviour Investigations; Planning Application Reviews; Environmental Protection, and Food / Health & Safety Inspections and Audits.

Entry Clearance Inspections

We offer a nationwide prompt and efficient Entry Clearance Property Inspection Service carried out by qualified Practitioners, who are members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, and experienced in inspecting and assessing properties for compliance with statutory minimum standards for dwellings under the Housing Act 2004. Our Entry Clearance Property Reports can help individuals to authenticate their visa applications.

Specialist Housing Services

Visit our stand alone portal: HouseLet Direct for details of our range of housing services for private and social landlords, Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs), social and private tenants, and Councils.

Fixed Fee Advice  

Get answers and practical advice on a range of public health and regulatory issues for only £39.00 (plus VAT) in a 30 minute Telephone Consultation.

National Noise Service

Noisedirect is a stand alone portal providing a range of nationwide noise services; including fixed fee telephone advice, and how to take your own action for noise nuisance, and by using our Section 82 Advice Pack.

Press & Media

We are regularly asked by news and media organisations to provide a professional view point on a range of public health issues such as: housing, air quality, food safety, and noise and nuisance. We are always happy to provide fixed fee briefings and expert Consultants for journalistic investigations, news features and programmes.