The climatic turmoil from human activities means that more than ever we have to think carefully about the destructive footprint of the Anthropocene epoch, where atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other #Earth system processes, are now inexorably altered by humans. The world we live in, with its polluted rivers, raging forest fires, animal species facing extinction, toxic air, junk and contaminated food, unclean drinking water, poverty, diabesity, and nosogenic environments; is one that we have all created.   

The blue and green arteries of the #Earth must be protected and preserved for future generations, and so unbridled, invasive industrial processes, which pollute the planet, harm human, and animal health cannot be the answer to meet our incessant demand for economic growth.

The #Earth is over 4.54 billion years old and human existence is considered to be a little over 4 million years old. Our notion of the 21st Century is an artificial human construct. However, what cannot be disputed is that CO2 levels have risen by 40% in just the past 200 years. More than half of the increase in CO2 has occurred since 1970, and the accelerated global production and consumption of plastics has risen since the end of WWII. Nurdles and microplastics permeate our oceans and are ingested by marine life and seabirds.

We simply cannot continue as we are.

At Sanctum Consultants, we believe that all of the inhabitants of planet #Earth; be they politicians, business, regulators, experts, adults, children, or world famous figures; need to work together in symbiotic partnership to preserve and conserve our universal home.